Washaway Beach

Washaway Beach in North Cove, Washington, is located 2 miles north of the Tokeland Casino on State Route 105. The area is aptly named since shoreline erosion is gradually eating up the coastline. The 1892 Pioneer Cemetery was moved in 1977 to escape the encroaching waters of the Pacific and even the highway has been relocated inland and fortified with rock barriers to hold back the sea. Unfortunately, many beach homes have been lost over the years as the ground beneath them simply washes away.

The beach is great for flying kites, beachcombing, observing marine life, collecting driftwood or simply taking a relaxing stroll on the sand. A rock jetty separates the beach into two halves. The north side is adjacent to parking alongside Highway 105 but requires scrambling across rock and driftwood logs to access the beach, which is unavailable at high tide. The south side is a short hike across some small sand dunes but is available at all times. This is an unimproved area and there are no facilities available.

Winter storms may be observed here, but beware that high winds occasionally cause waves to splash over the rock barrier onto the roadway and floating logs are tossed around like toothpicks. In the video (beginning at 0:17), the beach is completely underwater and the highway had a layer of sand over it when I pulled up.

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Get There! Lat/Lon: 46.7318, -124.0612
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